How To Use Your Summer To Prep For a Successful Fall Fundraising Season


We put together this 4-minute video just for you.

Work at most nonprofits slow down over the summer, so this is a great time of year to prepare for your busy fall fundraising season.

The video shows you what successful organizations do in advance, during their summer, to get ready for fall fundraising for all of your donors – majors donors included!

After you watch, you’ll know how to spend your summer but not your vacation! – preparing to raise more money later this year.

It’s just 4 minutes long – but it could be the most important 4 minutes you’ll spend this year – especially in regards to your major donor fundraising! Watch the video now.

How to Avoid Your Summer Fundraising Slump


We put together this 3-minute video just for you.

If your nonprofit organization is like most, you are about to enter into the slowest time of the fundraising calendar.  Summer.

In this video we show you how to avoid your summer fundraising slump. You’ll learn the strategies and tactics similar organizations use to raise more money during the slow summer months.

As a bonus, if your fiscal year ends on June 30th, we show you how to do a quick “Fiscal Year End” letter/email that will reliably raise funds. (This is one of those campaigns that never seems like it will work, yet always does!)

This is your time to embrace and overcome your summer fundraising slump.  You can do it!  Watch the video now.