Thankuary: Jan 2018 Conference Call Recording


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In this recording, Jim and Steven will show you how to THANK your donors so that they really feel your organization’s gratitude. Your donors deserve to be well-and-truly thanked! We’ll help you transform your organization’s Thanking.



In this recording, Jim and Steven will share all sorts of nuggets like:

  • How a 3-minute thank you call can increase donor retention by 10%
  • How to write the first sentence of your Thank You / Receipt letters
  • The special things you can (should?) do to Thank your donors for their gift
  • The three questions your Thank You / Receipts should answer
  • Tips for how you can use Thank You’s to connect your donors to your beneficiaries.

Plus, we’ll give you lots of EASY, step-by-step things you can do to create magical moments with your donors!


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