Year-End Digital Fundraising Toolkit


Get proven, successful samples of emails, splash pages, homepage promos, and social media advertising. Use them to build your online year-end fundraising campaign, stress-free and better than ever.

This product includes:

  • 8-page guide with tips & tricks for each online component and how to use it
  • 11 pages of sample emails, website treatments and social media ads with annotated notes on the most successful elements and how to use them
The examples and instructions in the digital toolkit are such a goldmine. They take the guesswork out of year-end fundraising. Now we know exactly what to do—and it’s proven to work!— Beth Lambert, Executive Producer, Documenting Hope


Year-end is the easiest time for you to raise money online.

According to Network for Good, nonprofits raise 31% of their revenue in December. And they raise 11% in the last three days of the year alone.

I wasn’t comfortable with the direct language, but they convinced me. And we raised about 20% more than we did the year before, so it worked
— Co-Founder, Executive Director

But the challenge of online (or digital) fundraising is that there are so many ways to communicate! Knowing which channels are best for your message can be really tricky — and you should use all of them at year-end.

We hear your questions often:

  • How many emails do we send? When is the best time to send them?
  • Should we ask for money on Facebook?
  • What do we do to our website?
  • What’s a splash page?
  • We’re not a big organization, what should we do?

Well, we get it. And that’s why we created the Year-End Digital Fundraising Toolkit.

We’ve packaged up samples of successful year-end emails, splash pages, homepage promos and social advertising just for you. With our Year-End Digital Toolkit you’ll know exactly what to say — and where and when you should say it. You can “steal like an artist” from them as much as you want, or just use them as a model for your own emails and ads. You’ll raise more money online than you ever have before!


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