Year-End Fundraising Bundle

$556.00 $199.00

Even though the fundraising season has come to an end, it’s never to early to start planning for year-end 2018. Buy our Year-End Fundraising Bundle between now and January 31 to receive all of our year-end tips and tricks at a massive discount. This bundle, valued at $556, is yours for just $199 (now $179 through July 6th!).

This bundle includes all four of our year-end products:

  • Fundraising Calendar
  • Appeal Letter Samples
  • Digital Toolkit
  • Major Donor Webinar
This is your annotated, super swipe file that will make you a year-end fundraising wizard! Every fundraiser should have a “swipe file” — that is, a big box of direct mail fundraising (or folder of emails) you can look at any time you need ideas or inspiration. The thing about most swipe files (including mine) is that they are pretty indiscriminate and not usually well organized. Imagine having a “curated” swipe file — including exactly relevant items it says it has in it. Better yet, imagine your curated swipe file was “annotated” by an expert pointing out what made the items work. Imagine no longer. This very thing exists, and you can have it. Highly recommended.— Jeff Brooks


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