Successful Year-End Fundraising Letter Samples


Save time by following a guaranteed formula for success. Organizations spend years crafting, testing and improving their letters to raise the most money. Learn from their example and have your best year-end ever.

This product includes:

  • A 3-page guide with tips & tricks for writing the best year-end fundraising letter
  • 5 year-end sample letters, envelopes, and response devices with annotated notes on the most successful elements and how to use them
We had never done a 2nd year-end letter before and were nervous about it. But everything Better Fundraising was having us do was working, so we went for it. Our holiday letter raised about 10% more than normal, then our new ‘year-end follow-up letter’ raised another $44,000. That was all ‘new money’ and we’ll be doing it again next year!— Development Director


Do you have samples? Something I can use as a model?

We get that question all the time.

We used to give them just to our clients. Now you can have them too!

Our best and most successful year-end fundraising letters are ready for you to use right now! You can “steal like an artist” from them as much as you want, or just use them as a model for your letters.

Create your best year-end letter ever in far less time! You’ll get samples of proven, successful year-end fundraising letters that you can adapt and use this year — plus tips on what made them successful.

This is your annotated, super swipe file that will make you a year-end fundraising wizard!

Every fundraiser should have a “swipe file” — that is, a big box of direct mail fundraising (or folder of emails) you can look at any time you need ideas or inspiration.

The thing about most swipe files (including mine) is that they are pretty indiscriminate and not usually well organized. Imagine having a “curated” swipe file — including exactly relevant items it says it has in it.

Better yet, imagine your curated swipe file was “annotated” by an expert pointing out what made the items work.

Imagine no longer. This very thing exists, and you can have it.

Highly recommended.

~ Jeff Brooks

You can raise more money at year-end without re-inventing the wheel! Just grab the version that’s closest to your organization and use it as the base for your own appeals. You’ll learn what makes the letters so successful and we’ll show you exactly what parts to change to make it your own.

You’ll be confident knowing you’re sending out year-end fundraising letters that are guaranteed to get a big response.


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