Watch the training resources below to improve your skills as a nonprofit fundraiser.

Summer Prep for Fundraising Success

Work at most nonprofits slows down a bit during the summer. Here’s how to use your time to Thank and Report to Major Donors, as well as work in advance on your fall fundraising impacts, so that you can raise the most money this fall.


Avoid Your Summer Slump

Quick and simple tips to help you avoid the dreaded “summer revenue slump” and to raise money at your fiscal year end.


Upgrade Your Thank You’s and Receipts 

Here’s how to think about your Thank You’s and your receipts so that you do a great job meeting your donors’ needs. And if you do, your donors will stick with you longer and you’ll raise more money.


How to Raise more Money with your Appeals

Quick, simple tips to help you raise more money with your next fundraising appeal letter or email appeal.

Online Resources

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