Raising More Money Starts With Better Fundraising

Our goal is to radically improve the fundraising capacity of small to medium-sized nonprofits. Including yours!

As a fundraiser, you know that raising money is challenging. So do Steven and Jim. They want to help you raise more money now, and teach your organization how to increase your fundraising capacity.

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Improve your fundraising skills in 30 minutes

Fundraising is equal parts science and art. We’ve been perfecting both sides for a long time. Better Fundraising’s four-part Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat system has been proven to raise more money for nonprofit after nonprofit. Spend 30 minutes watching the videos below and you'll be able to raise more money with your next appeal, newsletter, email, or event.

  • 01 intro

    Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat Fundamentals

    Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat is a fundraising system that increases revenue and deepens your relationship with your donors.

    We developed it by studying the fundraising results from hundreds of organizations to see what works and what doesn't. It's effective because it's based on a clear understanding of what’s really happening when a donor gives a gift.

  • 02 ask

    It Starts With The Ask

    You can't raise money without asking. This video explains when to Ask, how often to Ask, and the best ways to Ask.

    You'll learn about more than just asking for money. Discover how to invite your donors to solve the problem your organization is working on. You're giving your donor the chance to be the solution - to be a hero! That's powerful.

  • 03 thank

    Thank Donors Quickly And Emotionally

    Your donors deserve to be thanked. They're opening up their hearts and wallets to make your mission possible. Your gratitude shows them that they've made the right choice.

    You'll learn how to effectively Thank donors, how often to Thank them, and how to Thank them in a way that leads to more donations.

  • 04 report

    Report Back Your Donors' Impact

    Every donor wants to make an impact. Some want to transform the life of a child in need. Others want to support a cause in their community. No matter their motivation, they want their gift to be effective.

    You'll discover how to Report back about the impact of a donor's gift in a concrete and meaningful way.

  • 05 repeat

    Repeat The Rhythm

    Each step of the Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat system is about building deep relationships with your donors. Relationships grow stronger through repetition.

    You'll learn how to learn from each rhythm and repeat it in a way that deepens relationship. We'll also talk through the value of annual plans to be able to repeat sustainably.

Our Clients Raise More Money

Our clients love the confidence that comes from having a proven annual plan they can trust - and an expert to call any time they have a question. We help them make their fundraising data-driven and donor-centric. And they meet — or fly right by — their fundraising goals because their fundraising is immediately more effective.

World Help

"We’ve been in this business since 1991 and these are the best people we’ve worked with. Their advice has been tested. Everything they’ve shared with us has worked. They are great people." — Vernon Brewer, Founder & Executive Director

Vision House

"Their strategic direction, tactical ability, and genuine compassion have helped us increase our reach and our ability to serve more homeless families; and their understanding of the issue of homelessness makes them a perfect fit as partners in achieving our ministry goals." — Melissa Gehrig, Executive Director