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It’s the #1 way to increase your fundraising revenue immediately; Ask your donors in more powerful ways.

You can improve your appeals… emails… events… in-person major donor Asks.

If you ask more powerfully, you’ll raise more money.

A “Fundraising Offer” is what a piece of fundraising promises will happen when a donor makes a gift.

If you want to make great offers for your organization – if you want to raise more money – download this eBook!

Just “telling better stories” isn’t a magical key to fundraising success. You’ll learn which types of stories to tell, and when to tell them, to deepen the relationship with your donors and cause them to take action.

Download the free eBook and dive right into better fundraising right now!

The graphics illustrate the principles behind our approach – in a super easy-to-understand way – to help anyone who thinks they could be raising more money.

Download your free copy today. Make these graphics part of your fundraising culture and you’ll start raising more money and keeping your donors longer!

The ideas and tactics in this free eBook are not a gimmick.  They are tried, true, and tested ways that will help you raise more money from your print newsletters and better engage your wonderful donors.

Download the free eBook and start using your newsletter to motivate donors.


Get your free Proforma — a specially-built excel spreadsheet that tracks fundraising performance. It’s a tool pro fundraising organizations use to a) track their performance to get better every year, and b) predict how much they are going to raise the following year.

You’ve heard us talk about how you’ll raise more money if your fundraising focuses on part of what your organization does, not all of what you do.  Did you know you can do that and still raise undesignated funds?

Download this free White Paper – then get specific in your next appeal. And start raising more money!

Create your fundraising in less time while raising more money than ever before. If you’d like to have a “library of first drafts,” an expert to walk you through how to apply them to your organization, plus an annual plan (with production schedules!) based on science and storytelling principles, check out Work Less Raise More!


Don't Talk About Your Nonprofit in your Fundraising

The video helps explain why donor-centric fundraising is more effective than organization-centric fundraising. It’s taken from a recent free webinar Steven did where he was doing live reviews of appeals and newsletters. It’s this simple truth – that most donors are more interested in themselves and the things they care about – that explains why classic organization-centric fundraising doesn’t work as well.

AFP International: Storytelling for ACTION

A presentation given by Steven Screen at AFP International, in New Orleans, in 2018.

Upgrade your Thank You's and Receipts

Here's how to think about your Thank You's and your receipts so that you do a great job meeting your donors' needs.  And if you do, your donors will stick with you longer and you'll raise more money.

How to Raise More Money with your Appeals

Quick, simple tips to help you raise more money with your next fundraising appeal letter or email appeal.


$436.00 $299.00

All the tools you need to make the 2021 year-end fundraising season your best one ever! Pick up our Year-End Fundraising Bundle between now and the end of the year, and you’ll receive all of our best, updated year-end tips, tricks, and tactics for a limited-time price of just $299.

Your Year-End Fundraising Bundle includes all four of Better Fundraising’s year-end products:

  • Fundraising Calendar (with dates for everything!)
  • Appeal Letter Samples (so you can “steal like an artist”)
  • Digital Toolkit (want to raise more online? Follow this plan and these samples.)
  • Major Donor Webinar (includes a bonus worksheet to identify and rank your Majors – so you spend the least time to raise the most money!)


Our webinar gives you a simple system that will help you raise more money and steward your most important donor relationships during the most important time of the year. Feel confident with this step-by-step plan for what to do right now for year end.


Your complete plan for year-end fundraising: everything you need to do from mid-November through December 31st for maximum results, as well as tips and tricks for each channel. It’s a proven blueprint you can follow, be confident in, and love your year-end fundraising results!


A review by the experts at Better Fundraising will show you the updates you can make to increase engagement and increase donations.

Submit your appeal, e-appeal or newsletter – text/copy or PDF – and you’ll receive specific, actionable feedback for what you can do to raise more money.

  • Better Fundraising’s feedback and advice, including specific suggested edits
  • Answers to your questions after you receive your review (one round)

The cost to have your appeal or newsletter reviewed is $500 – which is fully guaranteed.  If you make the changes we recommend to your appeal or newsletter, and it does not raise at least $500 more than a typical appeal or newsletter, you are entitled to a full refund.

Ready for your guaranteed review?

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Apologies! Due to the ‘busy season’ and overwhelming demand, we are not able to do reviews at this time. We are adding capacity; if you'll fill out the form on this page, we'll get in touch as soon as we can do a review for you.
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