There are four primary ways that you can work with Better Fundraising.

Monthly Fundraising Consulting — Cost Varies

When you choose Better Fundraising to become part of your fundraising team, what happens is extraordinary. We’re laser-focused on helping you solve your current problems and raising more money now.

Throughout the month we'll review direct mail appeals or emails, help you develop a major donor plan that works, work with you to problem solve fundraising issues that pop up, and much more.

And we’ll teach and train you to raise more money in the years ahead. Because increasing your fundraising capacity you immediately increase the amount of work you can do for your cause.

The result? You’ll love being confident that your fundraising plan and materials are effective. And you’ll love having proven experts just a phone call away!

Capital Campaign Consulting — Cost Varies

A successful capital campaign powerfully impacts your organization. Whether your campaign allows you to build a new building, start a new program, or open up your programs to even more people, it's hard to overestimate its impact.

We've coached executive teams through numerous successful campaigns from beginning to end. When you work with Better Fundraising we'll help you assess your donors' giving potential and design your campaign plan. Once we have the framework in place, we'll walk with you as you successfully fund your project.

Fundraising Deep Dive — $950

Steven & Jim would love to spend two hours with you doing what we call a Deep Dive. During the Deep Dive we’ll:

  • Create a solution for whatever problem you’re trying to solve, plus answer your questions

  • Evaluate how well you’re implementing the secret formula, and identify proven approaches your organization could benefit from

  • Work with you to identify the next magical moment for your organization

The outcome of the Deep Dive is simple: you’ll be equipped to raise more money for your nonprofit.

Fundraising Execution — Cost Varies

If you need someone to take over your donor communications, we can do just that. We'll drive high impact and high ROI by integrating our proven Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat approach into your communications.

As your Agency, we can produce your entire donor communications program; including appeals, newsletters, thank you notes, emails, DRTV, Google Adwords, and more. We'll handle all the heavy lifting. We just need you to provide input on strategy and review communication pieces as they're completed. Together, we can be a powerful team!