How could you make your appeals and newsletters better?

Your situation might look something like this: you’re at a small-to-medium-sized nonprofit and you know your appeals, e-appeals and newsletters could be better.

Maybe you know they need to be better.

It’s possible you and your staff don’t have the time to do as many as you need to.  Or maybe no one on staff has any real training so your appeals and newsletters just don’t work as well as they could.

But you know that you need to be communicating more regularly to your donors. And your communications need to be professional.

Or maybe it’s as simple as this: your fundraising letters and emails don’t raise as much as you need them to raise.

What if you could hit the “easy” button and have super-qualified people take care of all of it for you?

The consequences of not enough communication

The problems with non-professional donor communications – or just plain not enough donor communications – are clear:

  • You’re not raising as much money as you could
  • You’re not keeping donors around for as long as you should
  • Not enough donors are being upgraded into Major Donors

The consequences? You and your organization aren’t doing as much good as you could.

Your current system is holding you back.

What would the solution look like?

You need a solution that doesn’t cost too much, that helps you raise more money.

Ideally, you don’t have to train anyone. (Especially when they are likely to move on in 18 to 24 months)

And it would be done by proven experts.

And you wouldn’t have to do much to make it all happen.

You’re kind of in-between levels … or stuck in the middle.

Instant Appeals & Reports

We developed Instant Appeals & Reports to help organizations just like yours.

For less than the cost of an employee, you can offload your appeals, e-appeals and newsletters to a professional team.

You’ll be able to focus your time and effort on more important tasks. And your fundraising will raise more money.

Your fundraising will be created by trusted, proven experts whose entire job is to create appeals and newsletters that work for you and your donors!

You’ll start raising more money immediately. Your donor retention rates will go up, raising more money in the long run.  And you’ll have removed a ‘problem’ from your / your staff’s plate.

The Next Level

Instant Appeals & Reports takes your fundraising (and your organization) to the next level.

Your relationships with your donors will deepen.  We’ll help your organization follow the proven Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat communication rhythm.

Your team will be led by Steven Screen, the appeal and newsletter guru who is a past winner of the national award for Best Direct Mail Package of the Year.

We’ll apply everything we know about fundraising to your fundraising materials. Your materials will be donor-centric, will mail on time. You’ll do more of your mission work and less busy-work.

Less Work For You

Here’s what we’ll take off your plate:

  • We’ll run a Kickoff meeting for each appeal and newsletter
  • We’ll write a Creative Brief defining exactly what will be said and how it will be said
  • We’ll write the letter, newsletter, and email
  • We’ll design the letter and newsletter. We’ll use your template for emails
  • We’ll request the mailing list and calculate the gift ask amounts
  • We’ll get the files ready to go to the printer

We’ll do all the work, and you’ll be involved and approving every step.

What You’ll Do

You’ll still need to help gather needed information or stories, pull the mailing list from your database, etc.  But you’ll have offloaded 90% of the work – and your fundraising will raise more money!

You’ll want to:

  • Track results
  • Provide resources
  • Pull mailing lists
  • Brainstorm appeal and newsletter topics

The cost

Instant Appeals & Reports starts at $3,850 per month.  Here’s what your organization receives over the course of a year:

  • 6 appeal letters
  • E-appeal versions of each appeal
  • Multiple social media posts for each appeal
  • 4 newsletters
  • E-version of each newsletter
  • Multiple social media posts for each newsletter