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All the tools you need to make the 2020 year-end fundraising season your best one ever! Pick up our Year-End Fundraising Bundle between now and the end of the year, and you’ll receive all of our best, updated year-end tips, tricks, and tactics for a limited-time price of just $299.

Your Year-End Fundraising Bundle includes all four of Better Fundraising’s year-end products:

  • Fundraising Calendar (with dates for everything!)
  • Appeal Letter Samples (so you can “steal like an artist”)
  • Digital Toolkit (want to raise more online? Follow this plan and these samples.)
  • Major Donor Webinar (includes a bonus worksheet to identify and rank your Majors – so you spend the least time to raise the most money!)


Our webinar gives you a simple system that will help you raise more money and steward your most important donor relationships during the most important time of the year. Feel confident with this step-by-step plan for what to do right now for year end.

This product includes:

  • A recorded webinar that explains the step-by-step process you should follow with your donors at year-end
  • Sample spreadsheet that will help you rank donors for your moves management strategies
  • Copies of the slide deck (note: The slide deck has been very slightly updated since the webinar was recorded to eliminate a couple typos and to clarify one issue.)


Get proven, successful samples of emails, splash pages, homepage promos, and social media advertising. Use them to build your online year-end fundraising campaign, stress-free and better than ever.

This product includes:

  • 8-page guide with tips & tricks for each online component and how to use it
  • 11 pages of sample emails, website treatments and social media ads with annotated notes on the most successful elements and how to use them


Save time by following a guaranteed formula for success. Organizations spend years crafting, testing and improving their letters to raise the most money. Learn from their example and have your best year-end ever.

This product includes:

  • A 3-page guide with tips & tricks for writing the best year-end fundraising letter
  • 5 year-end sample letters, envelopes, and response devices with annotated notes on the most successful elements and how to use them


Your complete plan for year-end fundraising: everything you need to do from mid-November through December 31st for maximum results, as well as tips and tricks for each channel. It’s a proven blueprint you can follow, be confident in, and love your year-end fundraising results!

This product includes:

  • A calendar with 6 weeks of activity planned across 4 channels from mid-Nov to December 31
  • A 5-page guide with tips & tricks for each channel

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