Female Founders on Fire


This is a brief ode to Female Founders on Fire.

We love serving them because they are a joy to work for, and such a force for good in the world. 

And all of us Fundraisers have things to learn from them. So with great thanks and admiration, here are Five Reasons that Female Founders on Fire make such effective Fundraisers:

  1. They are courageous.  Like everyone else, they feel fear when asking for support. But their courage allows them to push through the fear and bravely ask for support.
  2. Selective pride.  They are justifiably proud of what they’ve built, but are always on the lookout for better ways of doing things.
  3. They give the credit away.  They express profound gratitude to donors because the founder remembers what she was able to accomplish when she was an “army of one”… and she knows how much more the organization accomplishes today thanks to the generosity of donors. 
  4. They boldly share why help is needed today.  In my experience, Female Founders on Fire almost always have first-hand experience with their cause.  They know what the suffering is/was like, and they know that hearing about that suffering moves people to action.  After all, it was the founder’s own suffering, or the suffering of someone close to her, that caused her to take the action of starting the organization.
  5. They humanize beneficiaries.  They create organizations and fundraising materials that show beneficiaries as more than just the problem they had or negative situation they were in. 

To finish, I want to say something about those Female Founders on Fire who have first-hand experience with their cause.

The fact that they’ve transformed their own suffering into an organization that does good – and their willingness to relive their own suffering for the good of others – is a GIFT to the world that I don’t have the words to describe. It’s so full of good it just sort of… knocks me sideways.

If you know one of these founders, figure out how to say “thank you” to them.  Soon.

And if you are one of these founders, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.