Lapsed Donor Appeal Blueprint
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Lapsed Donor Appeals
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The easiest way to get your lapsed donors giving again!

You’ve got a great appeal already written.

You’re just missing one key ingredient.

In the video below, you’ll get the exact language to insert into your next appeal to inspire lapsed donors to give again.

The Lapsed Donor Appeal Blueprint is based on Steven Screen’s proven fundraising appeal letter formula.  With the addition of the “lapsed donor paragraph” you’ll be able to cut through the noise in your lapsed donor’s life – and remind them why they gave to you in the first place.

The video below (from "Tactical Thursdays," a regular feature of the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference) explains why and how you should send appeals to lapsed donors, and what tactics work best.

As a bonus, Steven personally annotated the entire Lapsed Donor Appeal Blueprint (written for a fictional organization) so you can see the key ingredients in this successful appeal model and learn WHY the letter worked.

When you watch this video, you’ll learn the following:

 What to say to reactivate lapsed donors (and where to say it)
 The question to include in your appeal letter to evoke empathy
 How talking about “shared values” can boost average gift size
 Exactly what your letter’s PS should say
Watch Steven explain how a Lapsed Donor Appeal works – and download the Blueprint that goes with it!

Download the Lapsed Donor Appeal Blueprint today. Then get those donors reactivated!

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