The right way — and wrong way — to thank your donors

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

A lot of nonprofit thank-you messages say something like this: “Thank you for being our partner….”

That’s about as thrilling to the donor as telling her she has nice elbows.

Donors don’t give in order to be our partner. They give to have a positive impact on the world in some specific way. And that’s what you should thank them for.

Not for what they did in their relationship with you. It’s another way to put yourself in the donor’s world and not your world. Which leads to better results every time!

MUST-LISTEN Interview with Scott Harrison of charity:water

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

Scott Harrison, founder of charity:water (and a fan of this podcast) reveals some of the thinking behind this innovative nonprofit that came on the scene 10 years ago and his virtually re-written the fundraising playbook in many ways.

Get the inside scoop on:

  • How charity:water takes its donors on a journey — every time
  • How they manage and market their promise that 100% of a donor’s gift goes to the field
  • The power of “productizing” (which anyone can do!)
  • Charity:water’s biggest challenge and how they’re tackling it

We learned a lot from Scott. You will too!

Two super-common errors that can kill your fundraising

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

There are two opposite impulses that almost all fundraisers fall prey to at some time or another. They are:

  • Educating donors
  • Abstraction

They are guaranteed response-crushers. And the temptation to do both are powerful.

With real-life examples, we’ll show you how to avoid both errors and keep your fundraising strong.

The upsides and downsides of holiday-based fundraising

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

Some of the strongest fundraising is connected to specific holidays.

Some of the most ineffective fundraising is also connected to specific holidays.

The special edition podcast will show you how to put holidays to work for you. And when not to do it at all.

How to create great direct mail fundraising teasers

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

The most impactful element of any direct mail project is the teaser — what you put on the outer envelope.

We’ll share what works, what never works, and the surprising “most likely to succeed” approach.

We’ll also discuss email subject lines — a closely related topic with some strong similarities to direct mail teasers.

How to succeed at fundraising for a church

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

Houses of worship are a powerhouse of the fundraising world. But even they face new challenges in getting their people to donate.

We take a practical and realistic look at the challenges churches face and what they can do to motivate their people to give generously.

It’s the donor’s story — not your own

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

Most fundraisers know that telling stories is the way to reach donors’ hearts and minds and motivate them to give. But what’s the right story to tell?

It’s the donor’s story. The story she’ll tell after she gives.

This podcast takes a look at what we fundraisers can do to give each donor a story to tell. That’s the foundation to lasting relationships with donors who love to give to you!

Fundraising under President Trump

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

How is fundraising likely to do during the Trump administration? We take a look. We believe it will mean very different things to different organizations. Find out what you can expect in the coming months and years. And what you can do to maximize revenue and donor engagement.

Your 6-word guide to powerful donor newsletters

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

Every piece of content in every donor newsletter should fit match this model. When you do that, you’ll have a newsletter that raises funds, and improves donor retention by improving your donor relationships!