Storytelling for ACTION

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This eBook gives you 3 BIG IDEAS that will make your fundraising through storytelling more effective. These are practical tips you can use RIGHT NOW to raise money.

Don’t tell stories hoping your donors will take action. Tell stories designed to make your donors take action!

There are certain people I always read without thinking twice. I know, for instance, that anything Steven Screen (a Domain Group alum) and his partner, Jim Shapiro, publish will be chock full of insights and wisdom and actionable information.

It’s brilliant. I knew that as soon as I read page 3.

Get it. Read it. Implement it. Make way more money.
~ Tom Ahern

We’ve been in fundraising a long time, and these tools are tested and proven. And we’re sharing them with you because we want you to raise money for your organization’s good work — and to love your job!

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