The Fix for Broken Fundraising [VIDEO]

Fix broken.

Sometimes fundraising feels broken.

It feels like you don’t have a relationship with your donors. Like you’re just Asking all the time. It feels like your nonprofit should be raising more money. Maybe fundraising doesn’t feel nearly as fulfilling as you expected.

Here’s a simple video that helps organizations (especially small ones) see why fundraising feels this way – and helps you learn what to do about it.

Warning: the solution is deceptively simple but deceptively hard to do.

Why? Because it requires your organization to think differently about fundraising. You have to talk to your donors more often than you think you do. You have to talk less about your organization. You have to be vulnerable. And you have to give credit away.

All hard things.

This video feels like the beginning of a longer conversation. If you’d like to talk more, get in touch. We’ve helped lots of organizations put their finger on what’s bothering them, and then fix their fundraising. It makes your work life so much more fulfilling, and you’ll raise more money.

For now, watch the video!