Report to your Major Donors This Summer

Major report icon.

If your organization doesn’t have a natural reason to fundraise during the summer, July and August are a great time of year to be Reporting back to your major donors on the impact their previous gifts are having on your beneficiaries.

Take the time this summer to visit with your major donors and Report back to them the amazing things that have happened because they gave you a gift earlier in the year.

If you are unable to meet face-to-face with them, then send them a text that includes a picture of a beneficiary they helped. Or take a short video of a beneficiary, or perhaps the building the donor helped build. Set aside time in your day to call your donors and give them a quick update.

By whatever means possible, Report back to your donors during the summer months. Why? Because now is a great time to close the loop with each of your donors and earn their trust, so that they will be ready to give another gift during the last few months of the year!

[SHORT POST] The simple things very few nonprofits do for their major donors

The Virtuous Circle.

You guys. It really is this simple. And so few nonprofits do it.

  • Yesterday I heard about a nonprofit that hadn’t communicated (at all!) to their major donors in 2 years.
  • There’s the story that’s going around about the guy who gave a million dollars to his alma mater – and never received a thank you.
  • And there’s story after story about major donors who gave large gifts and then, after being thanked, were never communicated to again until they were asked for their next large gift.

Each time a major donor gives a gift to your organization, make damn sure there is a plan to Thank them well and later Report back to them what their gift made possible.

Here’s Why

When you thank a donor well, they know their gift was appreciated and important. Put your donor hat on for a moment. As a donor, you’d like to feel appreciated and important, right?

When you Report well, they know their gift actually made a difference. As a donor, you’d like to know that your gift made a difference, right? And you’d be more likely to give again if you know your gift made a difference, right?

The Easy Steps

If you’re like most nonprofits, at least 80% of your revenue comes from 20% (or less) of your donors. And usually, it’s closer to 90/10. So we’re not talking about that many people.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Go make a list of the last 10 major donors who gave your organization a gift
  2. For each one, write down whether they need to be Thanked or Reported to.
  3. Over the next 10 days, do the appropriate step for each major donor.

You’ll be amazed at how happy they will be to hear from you. And you’ve instantly made it more likely they will give you a gift this year!