Don’t re-invent the wheel!

Year-end is fundraising prime time

Most nonprofits receive 1/3 of their annual donations just in the last few weeks of December!

No pressure … but that means there’s significant amount of funding riding on your year-end campaign!

Year-end fundraising is critical! But here’s some great news…

You now have access to the 4 tools that will give you everything you need to run your best year-end fundraising campaign ever.

It’s practically stress-free!

We’ve compiled decades of creative, tested, successful fundraising into tools you can use right now for success.

You don’t have to spend thousands on a year-end campaign!

These fantastic products will help you make the most of the all-important year-end fundraising season. Each one is designed for you to start using right now – saving you time and money!

As the saying goes, Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Take a look:

  • Your Best Ever Year-End Fundraising Calendar
    Your complete plan for fundraising: everything you need to do at year-end for maximum results, as well as tips and tricks for each channel. It’s a blueprint you can follow for proven success! $99
  • Successful Year-End Fundraising Letter Samples
    Save time by following a guaranteed formula for success. Borrow what you want from these sample letters that are proven winners year after year. $129
  • Year-End Digital Fundraising Toolkit
    Learn how to run a successful year-end digital campaign. Get samples you can use now to create emails, splash pages, homepage promos and social media advertising. $149
  • Major Donor Year-End Fundraising Webinar: The System To Maximize Relationships & Revenue
    Join us for a live webinar on October 12 at 10 a.m. (PST) to get a simple system that will help you raise more money and steward your most important relationships. $179

It’s our business to help nonprofits like yours achieve fundraising goals and develop generous donors. We’re here to help you make Year-End 2017 your best fundraising season ever!

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