2017 Fundraising Trends


Let me look into the future and predict the fundraising trends for 2017.

  1. According to Blackbaud’s 2015 Charitable Giving Report, 93% of funds given to nonprofit organizations came from traditional means in 2015. That means major gifts, annual funds, fundraising events, checks, snail mail and by phone. Only 7% of donations to nonprofits came in online. Online fundraising will increase over time, but the data is clear that direct mail and face-to-face fundraising have not been replaced by digital technology.
  2. Donor systems will continue to improve and be delivered at a lower cost. Consider donor system platforms like Bloomerang and Little Green Light. They are taking on the big system providers and winning.
  3. Most of your fundraising revenue will come from a few key, select donors. Major donor fundraising is not dead! If you want to have fundraising success in 2017, makie it a huge priority to identify and communicate with donors who can give you $1,000 or more.
  4. Earlier I shared that 93% of funds given to nonprofits came inform traditional means. This doesn’t mean we ignore online, digital fundraising. I see a trend where more money will start to come in online this year and in years to come. But the key is to spend the appropriate amount of time and money on online fundraising. For instance, don’t go ‘all in’ on online fundraising unless you’ve maximized your major donor communications and relationships first!

Do you see more fundraising trends in 2017?  If so, add them to the comment section or email me at jim@betterfundraising.com.

Jim Shapiro

Jim Shapiro is the fundraising coach you’ve always wanted, the proven Sherpa who can help you get to the top of the mountain. Jim has 30 years’ experience raising money, including serving as the VP of Development for a global $100m nonprofit. He co-founded The Better Fundraising Co. to help small-to-medium nonprofits raise more money.

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