We’re reposting this graphic because it got a lot of traction recently.

Most organizations don’t realize that after their donors make a gift the donor doesn’ know what happened and they don’t know if their gift made a difference.

So the job of your follow-up communications are to convince your donors that their gift made a real, important difference!

Your Thanks You’s / Receipts should tell each donor that their gift was received, that it matters, and that is is appreciated.

Your Reports (Newsletters, usually) should show her how her gift helped make a difference in the life of a beneficiary.

If you Thank and Report well, each donor will know their gift made a difference.  And because they know their gift made a difference, they are FAR more likely to give your organization another gift.

So, do your donor communications close the loop?  Do your donors know their gifts made a difference?

If not, you have some work to do (and you should get in touch!).  And if you are Thanking and Reporting well, I hope you enjoy all the money you’re raising!

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