How to raise more money at year-end without breaking the bank

Year-end is fundraising prime time. Most nonprofits receive 1/3 of their annual donations just in the last few weeks of December!

It’s daunting — but it’s also the easiest time of the year to raise more money!

We gathered the most successful fundraising strategies we’ve ever used. Then we created year-end fundraising tools that will help you stay ahead of the game throughout the entire season.

These are brilliant — and proven — tools you can use RIGHT NOW for your best year-end yet!

You’ll raise more money with less stress!

Next week, you’ll get access to four fantastic products you can use to raise more money at year-end. Because great year-end fundraising campaigns are planned in the fall — not in November.

These four tools are the only ones you’ll need to make sure your year-end fundraising campaign is your most successful yet.

We’ve been doing this for years! And now, our best work is ready to share with you.

These 4 powerful year-end fundraising tools will help YOU raise more money

Next week, we’re launching four essential products you can use right now to raise more money this November and December.

You can download them all next Tuesday. And today we’re offering a special launch discount code for 20% off!

Now’s the time to plan and prepare for a great year-end campaign. Make 2017 the best yet!

20% Launch Discount

Jim Shapiro

Jim Shapiro is the fundraising coach you’ve always wanted, the proven Sherpa who can help you get to the top of the mountain. Jim has 30 years’ experience raising money, including serving as the VP of Development for a global $100m nonprofit. He co-founded The Better Fundraising Co. to help small-to-medium nonprofits raise more money.

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