What’s your focus on for 2016?


As the year starts, we talked around the office about what our most successful clients had in common.

Of course, they took care of the basics by Asking, Thanking, and Reporting well. This helped them keep their donors and increased the amount of money they raised.

But the best-performing organizations also did something else; they focused on improving one or two big things throughout the year. This is a proven practice for any organization looking to raise more money year after year.

So here’s our question for you: what will you and your organization focus on improving? Here are a list of things we’ve seen really move the fundraising needle for organizations.

  • Major donor retention and revenue
  • Track fundraising results so you know what worked and what didn’t
  • Increasing donor communications so that your organization is in front of your donors often enough
  • Focusing on making your communications more donor-centric
  • Reporting; really showing your donors what their gift accomplished
  • Asking their donors more often; giving your donors more chances to help in specific ways.

We suggest you pick one or two of the above and develop a plan to be measurably better at them by the end of 2016.

If you really want to move your fundraising needle in 2016, we can help. Just email me at jim@betterfundraising.com.

Jim Shapiro

Jim Shapiro is the fundraising coach you’ve always wanted, the proven Sherpa who can help you get to the top of the mountain. Jim has 30 years’ experience raising money, including serving as the VP of Development for a global $100m nonprofit. He co-founded The Better Fundraising Co. to help small-to-medium nonprofits raise more money.

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