We’re Moving – and We’re Having a Sale!

Our office lease is up in a couple of weeks, and we’re not renewing it. So we’re having a sale to clear out our inventory of year-end fundraising products!

This is the perfect time for you to a) get all these samples and expertise for such a low price, and b) get started on your year-end fundraising earlier. You’ll love having it done before the holidays – and you’ll love raising more money.

Save money. Save a ton of TIME making your year-end fundraising this year. And enjoy the whole process because you’ll know everything is going to work.

Digital Fundraising Toolkit

Need samples of successful online fundraising emails, social ads, and website takeovers that you can modify and make your own? Get the Year-End Digital Fundraising Toolkit for $89.00 $59!

Appeal Letter Samples

Want super-successful year-end appeal letters, with annotations that show you what to do, that you can modify and make work for your organization? Get the Successful Year-End Appeal Letter Samples for $89.00 $59.

Major Donor Webinar

Need to focus on your major donors? You know, the individuals who usually account for 85% of your total individual giving? Get the Major Donor Year-End Fundraising Webinar for $99.00 $64!

Fundraising Calendar

Just want to know exactly what day to do everything? To send your appeal, your emails, and to update your website? Get the Year-End Fundraising Calendar for $99.00 $49.

The Year-End Fundraising Bundle – with all of the products above – is also on sale.

Instead of $556.00, get everything you need to run your best-ever year-end campaign for $179!