Fundraising Is Beautiful 101 — the basics of great fundraising

Fundraising is Beautiful Podcast

Before you know anything else about fundraising, there are three basic assumptions you should know about it:

  1. Fundraising is all about specificity. It’s the specific change you’re asking the donor to help make with their gift. Abstractions and generalities fail to move donors to action.
  2. Fundraising is about building relationships. Don’t think of donors as ATMs that dispense money from time to time. Think of them as friends who do cool things with you. It’s a two-way relationship. Both sides give and both sides receive.
  3. Fundraising transforms donors. When you know they amazing things that happen in their lives when they give to you, you’ll enjoy fundraising a lot more. And you’ll do a better job.

Working with these basic truths is the key to success.

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